Why penguins..?

Dear friend,

Penguins are the BEST animals out there. I mean, who else waddles around looking like they’re dapper enough to get married in a cathedral?

They swim, they waddle, they TOBOGGAN!?! If I could toboggan around then s**t yes! You’d be seeing me sliding around on my stomach ALL day long.

Plus there’s Happy Feet. And Madagascar. Pengu (noot noot).

How many other animals get to be this gangster?

Thoughts from your weird self… *high five*


Who’s listening? 

When we talk to ourselves in the car, shower or making dinner, who’s actually out there listening? 

I mean, it could be some super duper secret spy but is there a higher power? Is there an imp running around making our day to day lives harder or removing the barriers to get our tasks done?

Who out there is listening? 

When I asked this question, I realised that more often I need to think before I speak.

The little throw away comments are usually the most hurtful. 

So my goal to being a better human being is to speak only good things about people or not speak at all. It’s been so hard! 

But I want to say only things that are worth saying. I want to cut out all the fluff and nonsense and be BETTER. 

Wish me luck ❤️

A butterfly, Batman and white privelage.

Dear friend, 

Sitting outside getting some fresh air while wrapped up in a blanket and recovering from the flu, I took this RANDOM photo of a monarch butterfly (spot it if you can!)

My thoughts were surrounding that of vigilantes. Spider-Man ultimately did awesome things for his city and Batman protected Gotham. If we put aside the idea of super powers, would you want a vigilante in your city/ area? 

The reports of armed robberies and murders used to be so rare but now they are in the media every day. I can’t help but think that if there was a skilled vigilante out there then maybe we’d all be a lot safer? 

On a side note, I had a yarn about Batman the other day; my friend ruined my image of him by saying that Batman’s super power is white privelage… my heart is burning!

Karma is in action, my friend! 

Dear friend,

Recently there have been a couple of weird worlds coincidences that have shown that karma is alive and well in the world.

Without breaking numerous privacy laws, there are very bad people who I’m aware of locally and karma has thrown her full wrath at them lately. 

Whether it be being held accountable for a stupid mistake (person thought they could get away with it) to someone being asked very blunt questions by their employer about their actions. 

Karma shouldn’t be about vindication and revenge (please comment your opinion!!) but more about the good or bad that you put out in the world coming back to you somehow. I wouldn’t call myself a Bhuddist but I plan on doing more reading about the concept of karma! 

Please share your thoughts, interaction is great! 

Dear Uber driver..

Last night I left a function early because people were getting too drunk and rude for my comfort.

You started off very polite, if not a little timid. Then we both started talking a bit more your heritage. 

You said that you had been living in NZ for 10 or so years now and consider this as your home. You said that while India was your birthplace, you could never leave NZ to live back there. 

Your comments made me proud to be a Kiwi and part of the cultural mixing pot that NZ is!! 

Best uber ride ever, PS, I totally rated you 5 stars!

Dear friend…

You have been through a shit storm in the last couple of years and tonight you met an awesome human (friend’s Mum). 

Desiree was so beautiful and welcoming considering she’d never met you before! You both hit it off and Mike is horrified at the friendship you’ve struck up with his Mum.

The night definitely got hilarious when Des started talking about showering with her partner 😂

See?! You are an awesome person to be around! The shitty things you’ve been through don’t define you, they make you way more interesting, stronger and more resilient than before. 

Remember; the pursuit of normalcy is the ultimate sacrifice of character.

And you, my friend, have a sh*t ton of character!!! Don’t ever be normal.

Goodnight boozey, get some sleep!! 

Dear friend,

Why the hell do people find it necessary to say nasty shite about one another?! Hearing someone repeat a story or information wrong winds me up to the point of physically shaking with anger.
This is an anger that I have to pocket deep doen or else it tends to get the better of the situation every time.

From your strange self xx

Rumours and rage.